A collection of Short FIlms.

  • Just Us - Naj Danz Productions

  • NAKIA The Short Film

    After serving over a decade in prison, Nakia (Ms. Jade/Philly Rap Legend), a female hip-hop lover who suffers from a speech impediment, is released. A lot has changed in the world since she's been locked up, but the reality of the streets remains the same. In the hood, anything can happen in a da...

  • The Choice Is Yours

    Who Wants To Star In A Movie - Season 1 winner, Julia Abreu stars alongside Justin Backus in the short film, The Choice Is Yours. A suspense thriller about a son who seeks revenge against his birth mother who thought had ended him before he had a chance to live.
    Written & Directed B...

  • Saturday Night

    "Saturday Night" Short Film Music video by Dappolis
    Directed By: Kelsey Davis
    Higher Than 7 Records


    Five random guests are invited to a house party for a chance to win money only to find out the contest is not what it seems.
    Written, Directed, and Music By: AT SoundZ
    Co-Directed By: Jay Wes
    Assistant Director: Korahn McKenney
    Higher Than 7 Productions

  • The DJ and Her Thread